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Diceborn Heroes Rules

Cute game, but the rules leave many questions unanswered...

Rules to Remember

Per Quest, "reveal 1 monster for each hero from the corresponding monster deck" (Quest 1 with Monsters I, Quest 2 with Monsters II).

"If a hero or monster is KO'd before their attack, then that attack does not occur nor will any of its counterattacks."

"Color of attack cards are only pertinent in boss battles."

"The order of attack when the values are tied is decided by player choice."

"If a hero is KO'd discard the top card of the Attack deck, if able."

"When a monster is defeated... add attack cards from the top of the discard pile to the bottom of the attack deck, based on the reward value."

"Hero Tokens... can be spent... to either reroll any dice before assigning, or perform the Hero Ability."

You do not auto heal at the end of the Quest.

Town phase: "Rest to fully heal wounds" (costs an attack card).

Town phase: "Reveal 3 cards from the Item deck" to purchase.

Town phase: "Unused spoil cards are kept for use next round."

Quest Action: May choose to lock a die to the card, instead of assigning it to their hero card.  The downside is you are not acting this round, but the upside is you are not a target.

"You can have up to 2 Block tokens on a hero or monster"

"Counter attacks do not trigger if KO'd by the attack or from other Counter attacks."

When rounding "always round the number down."


Q: Music Cards.  Music card setup?  Is the deck setup with the top card face up?  Can you have more than one music card in play at a time?  Do in play Music cards carry over to the next quest?

Q: Stun Effect.  If a monster is stunned, and initiative moved to the end, do they only attack stunned heroes?  If no heroes are stunned will the monster ever attack again?

Q: Bounties.  The rulebook just says "When the condition on the card is completed, that hero gains an additional hero token..."  So, if a bounty condition is completed by another player, does the player still claim the bounty as completed?

Q: Counter Attack.  The rulebook says "If a hero or monster is KO'd before their attack, then that attack does not occur nor will any of its counterattacks.".  What if the monster/hero already had their turn this round?  Maybe "their" should be "this"?

Q: Revived Hero.  The rules say that if a KO'd hero rolls doubles, they can assign a die they just rolled.  What if another hero revives them, can they assign and use their dice this round?

Q: Collecting Spoils.  Why does the hero that defeats an enemy collect the spoils, if all of the spoils are shared in the Town phase?

Q: Spoils.  If a monster dies off turn, due to something like poison, who gets the spoils?

Q: Town Phase Attack Cards.  Are Attack Cards refreshed at the start of the Town Phase?


1. Ambiguity.  A lot of ambiguity.  When trying to determine the intent of several of the Quest cards, we just have to make a ruling.

2. Quest Symbols.  Some of the quest cards do not have a quest symbol on them.  If somehow all the cards got mixed together, this would be a serious problem.

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New Clank! Expansion coming this March - The Mummy's Curse!


Clank! The Mummy's Curse on BGG

San Diego, CA (Jan. 24th, 2018) – Renegade Game Studios and Dire Wolf Digital are proud to announce that Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure fans will soon have a new expansion to add to their collection! Clank! The Mummy’s Curse, releasing in March, explores a new pyramid themed board with new monsters and challenges to face in the tombs.

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